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  • Date : 13/03/2013
    Addition of 2 x CNC Turning centers

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  • Date : 13/03/2013
    2 x HMC Makino Re-calibrated

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Lost Wax/Investment casting

The following capabilities are available from a large number of our technologically advanced, ISO approved suppliers.

- Moulds are made from ceramic slurries that cover wax replicas of the desired product. These are filled with metal from a vessel or ladle to produce highly accurate and consistent products with an exceptional surface finish.

- This process is suitable for series production of high quality castings particularly of aluminium, steel and special high performance alloys.

- Generally used for small castings, often weighing less than 500g, steel castings of up to 300kg and aluminium castings of 30kg are being produced.

- Investment casting is more expensive than most casting processes, but it offers versatility beyond that of any other.

- High production rates, particularly for small components are possible, even for castings with complex shapes and high dimensional accuracy.