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Casting sourcing

The casting services are available thorough our partner & adjacent company ( capacity: 500 gram upto 2000 kg single piece)

The foundry shop is equipped with Indusction furnaces, Green sand molding plant, Shell molding, cold box, No-bake process & sand reclamation plant etc. with Inbuilt sand & material testing facilities

Green Sand molding : With Semi automatic moulding line suitable for box size 600 x 600 mm with a capacity of 30 moulds per hour & with 400 x 400 mm box size upto 60 moulds per hour.

No Back Molding:
With fully automatic FAST loop molding & pouring line from Fa. Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd.
with capacity of sand molding upto 20 tone per hour.

Standard materials for casting

- Gray cast Iron,
- Ductile (SG) Iron
- Malleable iron

The dry sand process is commonly used in the manufacture of large, heavy castings. While the green sand process remains unchallenged as the process capable of the mass production of castings at low cost, especially in cast irons.

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