Our Manufacturing facility is at Rajkot – Gujarat, India. Rajkot is having a largest foundry, forging, investment casting & several export oriented clusters. Our approved sources (Located within 20 km radius) offers also finished products like Hydraulic cylinders, gears & gearboxes, auto components & sheet metal parts. This efficiency and location advantages helps us keep our promise to you: to provide excellence not only in service, but in price as well.

Our Approved sourcing partner are back bone of our core business. It is our strong mutual relation with sourcing partners ; which provides a great strength to be able to cater our customers at most qualitative & price effective manner.

  • Sand Casting upto 1250 kg: Gray Iron, SG Iron, Steel & alloy castings
  • Lost wax (Investment) Castings upto 70 kg: A wide range of materials
  • Shell-mold casting: 25 gm – 20 kg
  • Closed Die Forging upto 50 kg / piece: Carbon, alloy and stainless steel
  • Open Die Forging upto 20000 kg: alloy steel
  • Pressure die castings upto 2 kgs per piece: Aluminium
  • Sheet metal Stamping & forming parts
  • Assembly manufacturing with weldings

In addition, Our Supervision & In process Quality checks, serves as constant observers behalf of the customer.