Barfeed / Small part Turning

We are well-capable to carry out CNC turning from standard bar materials; in small as well as in large quantities

CNC Turning/Lathe Machines

6 Pcs Wasino (Japan) Type TH 102 (twin spindle)
Turning diameter:150 mm Turning length: 200 mm Swing Over Bed 300mm

2 Pcs Okuma Howa (Japan) Type HTC 40/4
Turning diameter:390 mm Turning length: 730 mm Swing Over Bed 540mm

1 Pcs Nakamura Tome (Japan) Type: Superturn-5
Turning diameter: 500 mm Turning length: 750 mm Swing Over Bed 780mm

1 Pcs Herisson Type: Alpha 460
Turning diameter: 460 mm Turning length: 2000

1 Pcs CNC Vertical Turn Mill centre Wasino (Japan) Type LV-24
Turning diameter: 300 mm Turning length: 500 mm, Swing Over Bed 400mm, 6 Turret Station, 6 Live Tooling Station

2 Pcs CNC Vertical Turret Lathe Make: Hardinge Type VTL 200
Turning diameter: 400 mm Turning length: 500 mm, Swing Over Bed 650mm, 12 Turret Station

Ring Turnings

CNC Ring turnings

Capacity: upto 500 mm

Including rolled or forged ring sourcing

Cast & Forged part Turning & Machining

CNC turning of molded/casted/Forged parts

Capacity: upto 700 mm diameter
(Diameter upto 1500 mm with Conventional VTL)

We may supply the parts including sourcing of most grades of Castings & Forgings like.

  • Sand casting
  • Shell-mould casting
  • Investment (Lost-wax) casting
  • Close-dia forging