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Surface Treatment

- Zinc Electro-Plating with Trivalent Yellow /Blue/ Olive Green/ Black Passivation
- Zinc-Nickel Plating with Trivalent Yellow /Blue/ Olive Green/ Black Passivation
- Chrome plating
- Nickel Plating
- Copper Plating with polishing
- Stainless Steel Polishing

- Powder coating
- Painting
- KTL Plating
- Primar Painting

- Hot Dip Galvanizing (with Barrel & dipping)

We confirm that our complete supply is REACH compliance & we guarantee that they do not container more than 0,1% of the materials SVHC + Our supply are ROHS Compliance.

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Special & DIN Fastners

Special screws & Fasteners in various designs

- Hot-Formed

- Cold Forged

- Screws without head

Strength classes: 4.6, 4.8, 5.6, 5.8, 6.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9

Stainless steel: A2 (V2A), A4 (V4A) and special alloys

for example:
- Bolts
- with Internal Hex
- with external Hex
- Stud Bolts
- Cap nuts
- Expansion sleeves
- Threaded rods
- DIN screws, special screws and nuts according to drawing

The DIN Fasteners, we purchase direct from Manufacturers (in the vicinity of 20 km radius): Our expertise in

- Let have plating as per demand or at least of high-standards
- Quality control
- Packing as per customer demand
- Packing as per bill of materials
- Logistic co-ordination/international delivery in one batch
- keeping stock as per customer need

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Brass (messing) Parts Forgings & fittings

With our partner’s fully equiped facility, we are very strong in supply of, Brass Forged and Machined Components, Brass CNC Machined Components & Brass Fittings

Faclity list as below:
- Profile extrussion presses
- Forging press of capacity: 400 tone, 200 tone & 150 tone
- Treaming Presses
- Shot blasting & vibratory finishing machine

Scaffolding Fittings

Various Scaffolding Fittings Like:

- Wing Nuts
- Prop Nuts
- Anchor Nuts: Anchor Nut 2/3 Wing
- Drop Head Wedge Plates
- Stirrup Head Nuts
- Threaded Jack Nuts
- Rapid Clamps
- Metal Part Insulators
- Post Caps
- Top Cups
- Bottom Cups

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Our Technically sound & ISO approved sources are well capable to supply diverse forged products; not only in good quality but also very price effective.

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  • DPP_0036-001
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Aluminium / Brass Casting

Sand casting
Generally used for high volume production, sand castings use sand mixed with clay and water compacted into a mould using high pressure or vibration

Gravity die casting
Particularly suitable for medium to long runs of castings with weight ranges typically from ½ kg to 50kg, gravity die-casting uses permanent moulds filled with metal from a vessel or ladle using no force other than gravity. Our suppliers are capable of producing castings in a wide variety of metals including cast iron, copper base alloys, aluminium alloys and zinc.

Low pressure die casting
This process involves permanent metal dies or moulds being filled from below with metal under low pressure through a vertical riser. The vessel is sealed and operates at a pressure of around 20-100kPa.

High quality castings can be produced using this process (especially complex shapes can be produced using sand cores), usually of aluminium alloys, although it can also be used for magnesium and other low melting point alloys.

Pressure die casting

- Metal is injected into dies at high pressures. The pressure can be between 20MPa and 100MPa depending on the material being cast. This high volume production process requires large complex machines with high closing forces to withstand the pressures.

- The pressure die casting process enables a high rate of production with close dimensional control, allowing the manufacture of castings with thin walls (and therefore lower weight), and a good surface finish.

Lost Wax/Investment casting

The following capabilities are available from a large number of our technologically advanced, ISO approved suppliers.

- Moulds are made from ceramic slurries that cover wax replicas of the desired product. These are filled with metal from a vessel or ladle to produce highly accurate and consistent products with an exceptional surface finish.

- This process is suitable for series production of high quality castings particularly of aluminium, steel and special high performance alloys.

- Generally used for small castings, often weighing less than 500g, steel castings of up to 300kg and aluminium castings of 30kg are being produced.

- Investment casting is more expensive than most casting processes, but it offers versatility beyond that of any other.

- High production rates, particularly for small components are possible, even for castings with complex shapes and high dimensional accuracy.

Ring Turnings

CNC Ring turnings

Capacity: upto 500 mm

Including rolled or forged ring sourcing

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  • Ring 1
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