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Material Sourcing

Our Manufacturing facility is at Rajkot – Gujarat, India. Rajkot is having a largest foundry, forging, investment casting & several export oriented clusters. Our approved sources (Located within 20 km radius) offers also finished products like Hydraulic cylinders, gears & gearboxes, auto components & sheet metal parts. This efficiency and location advantages helps us keep our promise to you: to provide excellence not only in service, but in price as well.

Our Approved sourcing partner are back bone of our core business. It is our strong mutual relation with sourcing partners ; which provides a great strength to be able to cater our customers at most qualitative & price effective manner.

- Sand Casting upto 1250 kg: Gray Iron, SG Iron, Steel & alloy castings
- Lost wax (Investment) Castings upto 70 kg: A wide range of materials
- Shell-mold casting: 25 gm – 20 kg
- Closed Die Forging upto 50 kg / piece: Carbon, alloy and stainless steel
- Open Die Forging upto 20000 kg: alloy steel
- Pressure die castings upto 2 kgs per piece: Aluminium
- Sheet metal Stamping & forming parts
- Assembly manufacturing with weldings

In addition, Our Supervision & In process Quality checks, serves as constant observers behalf of the customer.

Ring Rolling

Rajkot is a Well-known for Ring rolling manufacturers; Our collaborator suppler is capable of Ring rolling from 20 mm upto 2000 mm

Applications for such seamless Rings

- Bearing Industries

-  Automotive Industries

- Rolled flanges

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  • bearing ring
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Open-Dia Forging


Our Partner Forging Unit is well equipped with 3500 tone forging press & Manipulator

General Products like

- Forged Heavy Flanges

- Forged Bars & Shafts

- Gear Blanks

- Forged Rings

- Forged plates & Blocks

- Tube Sheets

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Shell moulding

Shell molding, also known as shell-mold casting,[1] is an expendable mold casting process that uses a resin covered sand to form the mold.

As compared to sand casting, this process has better dimensional accuracy, a higher productivity rate, and lower labor requirements. It is used for small to medium parts that require high precision.

Weight: from 100 gm upto 10 kg

-Gray cast Iron
-Ductile (SG) Iron
-Malleable Cast Iron
-Various steel grades & alloy steels
-Aluminium & alloys


Our Technically sound & ISO approved sources are well capable to supply diverse forged products; not only in good quality but also very price effective.

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Lost Wax/Investment casting

The following capabilities are available from a large number of our technologically advanced, ISO approved suppliers.

- Moulds are made from ceramic slurries that cover wax replicas of the desired product. These are filled with metal from a vessel or ladle to produce highly accurate and consistent products with an exceptional surface finish.

- This process is suitable for series production of high quality castings particularly of aluminium, steel and special high performance alloys.

- Generally used for small castings, often weighing less than 500g, steel castings of up to 300kg and aluminium castings of 30kg are being produced.

- Investment casting is more expensive than most casting processes, but it offers versatility beyond that of any other.

- High production rates, particularly for small components are possible, even for castings with complex shapes and high dimensional accuracy.

Casting sourcing

The casting services are available thorough our partner & adjacent company ( capacity: 500 gram upto 2000 kg single piece)

The foundry shop is equipped with Indusction furnaces, Green sand molding plant, Shell molding, cold box, No-bake process & sand reclamation plant etc. with Inbuilt sand & material testing facilities

Green Sand molding : With Semi automatic moulding line suitable for box size 600 x 600 mm with a capacity of 30 moulds per hour & with 400 x 400 mm box size upto 60 moulds per hour.

No Back Molding:
With fully automatic FAST loop molding & pouring line from Fa. Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd.
with capacity of sand molding upto 20 tone per hour.

Standard materials for casting

- Gray cast Iron,
- Ductile (SG) Iron
- Malleable iron

The dry sand process is commonly used in the manufacture of large, heavy castings. While the green sand process remains unchallenged as the process capable of the mass production of castings at low cost, especially in cast irons.

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Ring Turnings

CNC Ring turnings

Capacity: upto 500 mm

Including rolled or forged ring sourcing

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  • Ring 1
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