OEM for Farm / Agri. Equipment Manufacturers

We started our machining activity as Sub-OEM (Machining vendor) for an Indian Tractor Manufacturer. We are proud to say that since over a decade we are only supplier for few products to this OEM. Because of rapid expansion of our export business, our % share for domestic supply have shrinked. Due to our distinctive advantage for export market, We are also now OEM to a Well-known German Tractor Implant / Soil preparation / Cultivator Machine Manufacturer.

Our Advantages as a Glance: 

Pricing including door delivery (DDP) & Stable prices in EUR/USD

Various kind of in-house manufacturing possibility

Communication partner in German, Italian, French & English

Yearly orders & delivery with call order management

Ideal supplier for multiple articles in medium to large quantities

C-Parts Management inlcuding own manufacturing

Assured quality supply as parts to be delivered direct on assembly line

Raw cast/forged parts, semi/pre-machined parts supplier


Our Example Products in production

Manufacturing Type Materials Used Product Examples
Sand Cast & Machined EN-GJS-600-3 (GGG-60)

EN-GJS-500-7 (GGG-50)

EN- GJS-400-15 (GGG-40)

EN-GJL-250 (GG25)

Clutch housing

Drive Box



Differential casing

Forged & Machined Parts S355J2 / St 52-3




Drive Hub

Bearing housing flange

Clutch shaft

Special Fasteners Grade 8.8

Grade 10.9

Special Nut

Special Bolts M36x300

Turned & Machined Parts S235 (St-37)

S355J2 (St-52/3)


Flange discs


Bearing caps

Boom pin

Gear pinion